beautiful you


You make no junk, my junkyard is mine.

Lord you took a pause after making this,

You smiled and kissed still lifeless me,

You then breathed life into me then a doll,

I believe you when you say you knew me before I was,

You knew me before I knew me,

Before you I never was,

But before you I ever was in plain sight before you.

You called my dust into existence,

I am fine; from fine dust you made this fine,

You made beauty out of dirt.


The mirror spits back at me sometimes,

Sometimes I delete a thousand pics only to pick one for Instagram,

At most it feels like I am not enough as if I owe them beauty,

I turn myself into a beast to be beautiful,

Beauty and the beast in one sometimes because of a need to please their lenses cynical

But you Lord, you take me as I am- beautiful,

My dust did not make you sneeze when you gathered me I am beautiful,

In my soiled nature you mentioned beauty full me,

And you love me as I am, and I know your eye cannot fool me

Remind me of my beauty Lord when times are ugly,

Breathe more life into me as before; when to some I stink please do hug me,

Beautiful I am God; you take me as I am,

You see what I can be, a reflection of beautiful you.